Gmod creating an addon question.

Hello i am new to these forums.
So i am almost done my darkrp server, and FastDL wont work for me (it makes everything invisible like guns, skins etc but thats not the question) so i have an idea.
Is it possible to make an addon that contains only models, textures etc. and upload it to the workshop? i would appreciate it if you could tell me how. thanks in advance…

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help anyone?


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it wont work. it shows up lots of text of the models and also for some of them it says it contains captial letters or something, then the last thing it says something in red and closes. could someone do it for me?

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the thing it says is “list verification failed”

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please close thread made a new one for help.

I say this about 99 times a day, but try using the workshopper instead. I always find it easier to use, maybe you will too.

Also, don’t open a new thread just because the one response you got ‘didn’t work’. At least wait for another one

**EDIT: **Yeah, it’ll probably be out of date pretty soon, but at least it looks nice

Stop fucking spreading that old ass tool. It won’t be working forever.

Easier just to learn how to use the command line, or at least write a .bat anyway.

gmosh plz

Ok thanks for all the answers, but i noticed that my host has fastDL so ill be using that instead… please close

There’s a close thread button at the top left