Gmod Crosshair

Hello Everyone, Im Wayne Dwake…
I have extracted my Tf2 models and materials to my gmod folder. When i launch Gmod, my crosshair became the TF2 Crosshair.
Question: How Can i get my default crosshair back? I do not want the Tf2 File and i do not know the directory.
Please. Help me.

Delete the materials folder and steam will make another :wink:

Why did you extract the contents…you can just mount it. Unless you don’t own the game legally.

Anyhow, there should be a folder in the materials folder called VGUI, go in there and find the crosshair folder. Remove that then tell us if it worked.

aight. ill check…

Nope… Still Tf2

Uhh, look in the resource folder and see if anything is in there, if there is a folder called UI, check that too.

Nothing there mate… I only Extracted materials and models.

Try cl_crosshair 0 then cl_crosshair 1 again.


Better yet, why did you extract it. It’s illegal to do so unless you own TF2.

I do own Tf2. its just on my other account…
i have 2 steam accounts…
Tell me how hard is it to get lost between these 2:

and i bought TF2 at night so i was not reading properly…

I just need the crosshair to work…

Right… theres a file overwriting my defealt crosshair. I can not find it… Can any1 out there supply me with the directory please?

Check in materials/VGUI/entities and see if there’s anything there

materials\sprites\crosshairs.vtf I THINK. That’s what GCFScape told me.

Aight, ima be checking… Thanks for your time and help guys. Ill inform you if everything works out just fine :slight_smile:


I freakin love you guys! Thanks!