GMod CS:S Textures (mounting problem)

So as already said in the title, i have a mounting problem regarding my CS:S files.

I had to reinstall my Windows 7 recently losing all my files which were on the pc. In addition to that i had to reinstall my Garry’s Mod including CS:S.
I finished that, ran CS:S and played a couple of rounds online. I then decided to finally hop onto Garry’s Mod and play some zombie survival. (which requires css textures)
Naturally, i tried mounting the game to notice one problem: CS:S had a red x across the normally empty check box.
I ended up searching online for about an hour and did all of the ideas people had in forums posts. (except for “manually” mounting the game)
This seems to be my last resort, i checked the support site and searched in the help & support gmod forums to make sure i wouldnt duplicate a thread and didnt seem to find one.

Does anybody have any ideas on how I can get GMod to recognize my CSS files?! :confused:

EDIT: It may be noteworthy that i have my CSS on my other Steam account.

Is CS:S located in (username) or common? Also, I doubt you can mount game across accounts unless you do it manually.

I used to mount i across accounts and it worked PERFECTLY fine for the time since i had gmod. its located in common.

Try verifying and starting up CS:S on your other account. Is you Garry’s Mod located in common as well?

I went throw the verifying process already (at least 4x) and yes my gmod is in common aswell.

If everything has been started up and verified, then I assume they changed how cross account mounting works with SteamPipe. You should probably ask on the Steam forums for more info on it.