gmod ctd after loading new map

hey all, my nephew’s having probs with his gmod, hope someone can help,

specs phenom 9500 quad 2.0 ghz
2 gb ram
ati x1300
xp home

addons phx3 and wiremod

he called to tell me he cant join the servers that my kids are playing, usually a new map that he hasnt played before. he says it goes to the loading screen and almost finishes but then it ctd’s. i think he told me that he can play singleplayer but not multi. also i think it doesnt matter if my kids create a server or they try to join one on the net. i know he only has the addons i posted above because i installed gmod and those addons for him 2 weeks ago when we visited. i surfed for similiar probs but couldnt find any. any help would be apprec’d. thanx.

when i said loading, i meant the game starts and runs and when he picks a server , it starts dl’ing data from the server but ctd’s just before the end

and i gifted him l4d on steam, which works fine.

How old is your nephew?

he’s 13? he’s a good kid, his parents know squat about gmod or computers,

no one else has had a similiar problem?

From your grammar, im starting to suspect that nephew is you.

would a youngster actually read the sticky and post according to the preferred format? but thanx anyway for actually reading the post. i guess ill have to look somewhere else for gmod help.

his steam wasnt updating, seems to be ok now. admin u can close thread