Gmod custom death anim

So u know in Gmod when u kill someone and shoot em in the head they go flying right? Then in real life getting shot in the head makes u go face first in the ground. Any way I can replicate this is Gmod?

Never seen in real life someone getting shot in the face…But yeah, is possible to replicate, but sincerily i would recommend you to make a job about this because i might be able to explain you, but the application gets harder and harder

Also don’t make it a death animation for the fall down I just want to be able to cancel out the physics of getting shot in Gmod, make the death make ur head go down very fast and let physics do the rest

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Is lua the “job”

We don’t code dumb requests just because we know lua…

Well, when I was coding my addon, RCoroner - I have actually reduced the impact of bullets by 3 times and I have made sure that the ragdoll doesn’t inherit as much velocity as usual, which made it look a lot more pleasing, sadly the effect wasn’t universal, as ragdolls do not share the same mass, physics and bones, so it looks good for some ragdolls, and then it looks less good on others.

I know what you mean, I’d love to have fully realistic, or at least cinematic and responsive ragdolls in source engine/gmod - just like Red Dead Redemption/Max Payne 3 had, but I don’t think it is possible to get self-balancing ragdolls, different bone interactions, and ragdoll joint adjustments by just tinkering around with Lua. I am a ragdoll freak and I love when games just nail the gorey part - since the beginning of my history with gmod I dreamed of realistic blood pooling, and ragdolls. I even tried doing bullet wounds, spawning clientside models of 3d model of a bullet wound at the trace of attacker, then just parenting it to the person and putting the flag to follow the bone, didn’t work sadly, yet to figure out why.
Jeez, I sound like a freak.

But answering your question; you could retrieve the clientside/serverside ragdoll on the moment of death, tune down its velocity, you could even give more velocity to the opposite side, so it falls forward.

(btw, someone achieved even better system - I once saw in one of the threads a guy posting his video, where he was shooting players, and using some stencil magic, he shot off parts of a ragdoll.)

But it’s hilarious when someone’s corpse goes flying through space

Yeah there are mods for Gmod on shooting off parts of ragdoll but the mod I have which is gibmod is ok but it creates and additional corpse so it’s 2. I don’t know the script for changing the velocity tho

Not an expert, but it might create additional corpse because you have ai_keepragdolls on, or some other conflict.

It’s also satisfying to pop a headshot and the ragdoll struggling to keep balance/dropping dead down :slight_smile:
Or shoot someone in their chest, and have them go off balance. ahh Euphoria does some wonderful things.

Speaking of ragdolls flying rapidly away, I always find this snippet fun:

hook.Add( "EntityTakeDamage", "InstaKill", function( target, dmg )
	dmg:AddDamage( target:Health() )
	dmg:SetDamageForce( dmg:GetDamageForce() + dmg:GetAttacker():GetForward() * 9999 + Vector( 0, 0, 9999 ) )
end )

Ok so what do I do with this now? I'm bad at lua

That wasn’t meant to be on topic, he was responding with this because it makes the corpses go flying even harder.

Oh, so is it impossible to do this

No…It’s not, but don’t expect anybody here to code it for you

Ok thanks

You know there is already a addon like this on the steam workshop.

Here is the link:

lol thanks for the sponsor

Though I don’t think this is what he meant judging from his original post. All he wants is for the head to drop rapidly:

hook.Add( "EntityTakeDamage", "InstaKill", function( target, dmg )
	dmg:SetDamageForce( dmg:GetDamageForce() + dmg:GetAttacker():GetForward() * 9999 + Vector( 0, 0, -9999 ) )
end )

Just put this code in a .lua file called whatever you want in ‘lua/autorun/server’ and you will experience what your heart desires