GMod - Custom Gamemode Releases & Server List! (#1)

Welcome to Custom Gamemode Releases & Server List! (#1)

This is a little project I want to start to allow content creators to have their work noticed for once, being that the current server browser is utter garbage.
Hopefully, this will be a solution to that. Here are a few servers that Bull found that thought warranted merit to be featured. Feel free to suggest any other servers you find.

Thread Rules

  1. Be polite with other developers.
  2. When criticizing, do so constructively.
  3. Don’t be stupid.
  4. When sharing a server, please share the GameTracker and/or IP address along with website, if available.



Bug Boys


Fat Kid

Put MoronYard’s servers up there.

IP, website or GameTracker?

The only darkrp servers that are truly ground up custom(gamemode and all) & non serious:


big server man need to expand empire

I feel as though metastruct and flex’s server deserves a mention

Put some Bug Boys up there

Your fat kid and parkour server images are mixed up

there are 2 other braxnet servers that you missed.

Post them

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they’re on the braxnet site

Really nice role play server. You have to create a request on the forums to be white listed.


I run heaps of custom gamemodes than you could shake a stick at.

Cant copy paste gametracker images as I’m on my phone and it’s a pain in the ass.

Just curious what is fat kid?

wow a medival darkrp reskin with all of 14 whitelisted players, exactly what we always wanted

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It’s not DarkRP, Nutscript. The reason why I posted it here was so it could get some attention. Jeez.

No RP servers should be on the list in my opinion, it should all be unique servers that have nothing to do with RP that get over looked.

my point is that it’s not a custom gamemode so it doesn’t at all fit the criteria in the thread
it’s also whitelisted and forces people to join your website to even get into the server (and there’s no screenshots of it anywhere that i can find) which is a major turn off for many people

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tbh I think RP servers running their own custom gamemodes should be on the list, anything running darkrp/nutscript/clockwork or any derivatives of them should not be since they don’t offer a truly new and unique experience

Not here to advertise though, but these are complete custom coded by an owner of a community.