Gmod custom map problem.

I have created a map for Gmod, and it works fine on my computer. I sent the bsp to a friend, however, he says that it will spend five minutes loading, and then it will “execute to the main menu”. Is there something other than the .bsp that I need to send, or is there another problem?


Oh, and heres a treat for those who venture into this thread… a challange. Describe what my tower needs without using the words “Block, Blocky, or Blockyness” in your post…


Needs decorations? Or adornments? Perhaps even windows…

Needs more variation in shape and texture. Right now it looks just terrible. Compare that with any tower you might find in a city and you’ll see your shortfalls.

Your tower lacks detail severely. Consider adding inlays and bricks pushing outwards. Don’t forget the arches :v:

Make sure your friend has the game you used to compile the map with.