Gmod Custom PlayerModels not appearing in C Menu {DEDICATED SERVER}

I think that its about time i make a thread about this problem ive been having for weeks now trying to figure out. There are literally Zero threads about this problem on every forum/ website that can have discussion. The problem is, im trying to add custom playermodels into my dedicated server and even tho both the .gma file and the folder with all the addon stuff inside like the lua folder inside of them. They simply dont show up in the C Menu.

My method of getting and extracting the addons, wich, keep in mind works with literally every other addon categorie other than playermodels:

• Subsribe to an addon i like in the gmod workshop
• Use the Gmad Extractor CMD file inside of the original Gmod Game Files
• put both the extracted folder and the .gma file in the addons folder for good measure
• Run the server

Ive tryed with multiple custom players models and wierdly only some worked. such as the Doge Player Model.

Now, for anyone that can help me i can and have checked for anything different between the player models that worked and didnt. For one, the “autorun” file that contains some text about the model of the addon, is missing in the addons that dont work but are there when the file works.

Any additional Information :
• Yes, i have tryed out the addons in single player once its downloaded off the workshop
• Yes, i have made sure that only the non-working addons dont have the autorun file
• Yes, i know how to install gmod addons properly and have done so multiple times
• Yes, The playermodels DO appear INGAME, in the “addons” folder in the Q spawnlist at the bottom where the prop are.
• No, i dont have a false/Pirate version of Gmod
• Yes, the server has been tested and works perfectly fine in public.
• And yes, ill suck anyones cock if they help me fix this fucking problem

what’s your folder structure for a typical playermodel that doesn’t work?

Im not at my PC right now, im on a one day family trip, but its the exact same as every other playermodel folder structure, the only difference i found was the autorun file missing.

all playermodels you see in your spawnmenu have one since they have to have it added to the playermodel manager. That’s why yours isn’t working. see



so what do i do? please tell me you have a fix for this?

I have finally fixed the problem, i just used a different mafie pack that acually has updated playermod features if ya want it, they are the exact same playermodels and do contain the Don playermodel, here you go :

hope this helps ^^ :slight_smile: