Gmod dance videos featuring B-Boy boboua

Hi guys !
First of all, Happy new year.

Here are my last productions :

  • 2 videos about dance
  • 4~7 minutes length
  • HD 1280x720

Breakdance Boboua :
A video of a breakdancer

Gmod dance battle :
A mix of HL2/TF2,dancing, Street fighter IV, and Breakdance concept of a " battle ".

haha outrageous

yes I agree this is truly outrageous, i found it amusing to watch but all they did was JUST dance all the way through i didnt watch all of it cause its just them dancing.

like the effort and concept though. =]

Hehe, it’s all about dancing in these vids but there are many little humor details if you know well references to Breakdance/Street fighter series universe. Not all people know that… i’ve figured out yeah… That’s ok. They’re not made in a consensual way :wink: