Gmod Dark RP Custom Class Help

Ok so I made a rp server and I wanted to make more classes. I made a class and the model in the job tab is good but when I click on the picture the overview of the class shows and the model is an error. I choose the class and the model is a civilian but I wanted it to be Phoenix and I have CSS and its on the server. It happens with father grigory and all the other models

Install CSS on your server if you haven’t already.

If it’s happening to HL2 models as well then it’s likely there’s an error in your model paths. Make sure they match the exact path in the job you create.

ex. models/Humans/Charple01.mdl

Remember that the paths are case-sensitive and will yield an error model at the slightest spelling or capitalization mistake.

This is in a way wrong but you are right. You cannot use that path for the Charple how you described it you’d have to use the player model path. I’m guessing it would be models/players/humans/Charple01.mdl. But my point is to look out for the player part inside of the file path if not it is most likely a ragdoll and you will not get a proper skin for your players they will be in the shape of a T when running around. :stuck_out_tongue:

Install cs:s content on your server, and turn on cs:s content in your Garry’s Mod client.