GMod Dark RP "RDM!!!" is something a hear way to much

So if you played Gmod in recent years its most likely you have played Dark RP at least once. One of the most annoying things I hear is when i kill someone (For one reason or another)
is RDM!!! A.K.A Random death match, basically what it means is that you kill someone without reason. Now I understand that people get mad if they really were killed without reason but the term “RDM” is used way to much. Here is an example that happened to me once So basically I was a Gangster or Thief I forgot but that does not matter, so I was walking minding my own business when this hobo that sounded like a 8 year old came up to me and cursed at me and called me rude names etc so I killed him like anyone would I mean its a game come on than he yelled out RDM and respawned. 2 Minuets later and i find myself in an admin sit with GUESS WHO ok do i even need to say it? Anyway that 8 year old kept telling the admin that i RDMed, RDM-ed? (However you would say it) him, so I was stuck in a stupid admin sit (Which also annoys me but that’s a subject for another day) for 15 mins. Later on I got jailed or caged or whatever its called for an insane time (i forgot how long btw) Which just made me leave the server. There have been so many times RDM has just annoyed me.

Anyway my rant is over. So do you think? Is RDM over used or you hear it to much? Maybe you have a story about what happened to you because you “apparently” “RDMED” someone?
Be sure to tell me because i would love to hear your story’s.

Join us in the “fuck DarkRP and everything about it” discussion.

XD lmao