GMOD DarkRP 2.6.2

Hello Peoples, i don’t know if im correct here so move me if u like to.

Since DarkRP 2.6.2 is out, i put it on my server. I installed darkrpmodification and ulx. I installed a hud of TCB and it worked but the printers/f4 didnt work.
Also ULX was completly broken, it’s setup correctly. Someone help me or give me a DarkRP version of 2.5.x :slight_smile:

see ya ty


Update server
Re install ULX
Re install DarkRP

Also don’t post here for help.

this prob now.

Where are you getting your darkrp? Works fine for me on the newest update. Why not download it from the darkrp face punch post or github that is the cleanest install and will not cause any problem. Also when testing do “/advert raid” this is to test if the new darkrp works. Post if anything happnens if you advert that.