Gmod DarkRP door hardcoded

Hey, any idea how to set the darkrp door groups in hammer? Couldn’t find the Key to use anywhere. And yes, I know you usually do it the lua way.

Example: Having elevator doors unownable.


Beautiful. I swear I tried googling it.

While we’re asking about communication between DarkRP and the map, does anybody know how I’d have actions occur when the mayor calls or rescinds a lockdown?

Okay tried it out, DarkRPTitle works great. Can’t get the others working though, any idea what to put on the value? (Tried with 1, didn’t work.)

door group is the exact group name
non ownable is 1 or 0

FPtje hasn’t added any hooks for that (yet?), you’d need to edit his code.

modules/police/sv_commands.lua ~124-153:
Look for the lines containing


(should be 2) Underneath each, add this code:

ents.FindByName("somename")[1]:Fire("SomeInput", "SomeParam", 0)

Which will basically fire an hammer input on the entity with “somename” as targetname.