Gmod DarkRP Score Board Error

So I just made a new scoreboard but when I open it up in garrys mod it gives me a script error can you help me out

Heres the code:

helpbg = vgui.Create("DScrollPanel",bg)
		helpbg.Paint = function()

			surface.DrawTexturedRectUV( 0, 0, bg:GetWide()-4, bg:GetTall()-31, 0, 0, (bg:GetWide()-4)/32, (bg:GetTall()-31)/32 )

local LabelIndex = 0
local yoffset = 0

for k, v in pairs(GAMEMODE:getHelp()) do

	local helptxt = vgui.Create("DLabel", helpbg)
			helptxt:SetPos( 5, yoffset )
			helptxt.OrigY = yoffset
			helptxt:SetTextColor( Color(255,255,255,255))


		local labelh = GetTextHeight("ChatFont", "A")
		local index = 0
		local labelCount = table.Count(v.labels)

		for i, label in pairs(v.labels) do

			local labelw = surface.GetTextSize(label)
			LabelIndex = LabelIndex + 1

			local helptxt = vgui.Create("DLabel", helpbg)
				helptxt.OrigY = yoffset + 25 + index * labelh
				helptxt:SetPos(5, yoffset + 25 + index * labelh)
				helptxt:SetTextColor( Color(255,255,255,255))

			index = index + 1


And heres a pic of console:
Heres what it does ingame:
I only put some of it where near the error is

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And what line is 490? The code seems completely unrelated.
And did you really just painted over your SteamID? lol. It’s like 5 sec to get with a link to your profile anyway.

I just edited the code and idk why lol

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Im still trying to figure this out

We need the line of code that matches with whatever shows in the error. If you have edited the scoreboard since posting then you’ll find what line to show us in the new error.

Well the fact that hes claiming to have made the scoreboard which was actually made by Boowman;

Alex Steam:

Did he purchase it?

Try disabling FAdmin, I’m not a pro or anything but it could be that it’s trying to open the FAdmin scoreboard, but this new one is blocking it… Disable FAdmin and it won’t want to open the scoreboard.

He clearly stated that he made it.

I’m assuming that you just completely overwrote FAdmin with this scoreboard.

Ok so I just tested a few things out I tried deleting all the code that has to do with the error which was the help tab so as I said I deleted that code and it works fine now

Why don’t you actually post this mysterious error you’re receiving so we can fix it.

He obviously didn’t if he’s having an issue with this error.

I checked and he did not.

Could’ve been a cover up instead of saying “I downloaded this leaked scoreboard”…
Mind you, I’m not sure if it is leaked, but it’s odd how it looks exactly like boowmans…

That is my scoreboard, the “DScrollPanel” is exactly the same like in my scoreboard. What he did is, he tried to add the help menu in the scoreboard and he faild.