GMOD DARKRP Server help

Ok, So im making a darkrp server
So far I have around 6 addons, and they do a lot for just 6. Im adding more and trying to make the best experience ever, the map is rp_california fyi. I need some suggestions,
Should i add in a few custom weapons?
How many civ cars should their be, and how many cop, so far i have 1 civ car and 2 cop cars.
Should regular Civs be able to buy pistols from F4? or have to go to the gun dealer?
Or just anything you want to see in a darkrp server. Im trying to keep downloads minimal while the experience in maximum.

Cars attract players, but they are pretty useless depending on the map and just extend the download time.

Civs should go to the gundealer.

Try to code your own scrips, like a custom HUD.

(My opinion)

I think that even if that map is cool, you are going to have a hard time getting players on it. People tend to shy away from trying maps other than downtown, or occasionally evocity.