Gmod DarkRP ULX Permissions

I didn’t know which forums to post this in, so I hope I can get some help in here. I’ve created my own DarkRP server that I’m running off of my own computer. I have ULX set up and all that and UTime with Auto Promote for the normal users. The hierarchy goes: user > newbie > regular > dedicated > trusted > trialop > operator > headop > admin > headadmin > superadmin.
Newbie, Regular, Dedicated, Trialop, and Operator all inherit User–which is the default for when someone joins. Headop inherits from Operator, Admin from Operator, Headadmin from Admin, and Superadmin from Admin.

What I’m basically asking in general is what kind of permission should I give each group? Superadmin will stay the same of course. I know this stuff may be based on what I want for the server, but all in all, I don’t know what I want for my hierarchy.

give user access to everything so players can ban minges without needing admins!