Gmod datatraffic per user?


I want to start my own GMod server hosted on a VPS (virtual private server).
Can anyone tell me how much datatraffic one user in the server use?

Thanks in advance,

Mine uses around 1 GB per month for an average of 3 players.
You shouldn’t worry about data traffic.
Although if it happens to be an OpenVZ server you should watch out for your RAM, as your server will crash if it exceeds your allocated RAM. If it’s a Xen, you will just get decreased performance until you are under the limit again.

Thanks for the quick answer!

I searched for the specs of the VPS:
Guaranteed RAM: 256 MB
Burstable RAM: 512 MB
Harddisk: 10 GB
Datatraffic: 100 GB

So I could host a 300 slot server, which would be impossible.
I think if I buy this server I can host a server with 50 slots and maybe webhosting for my community?

P.S. Does that VPS have enough RAM?


I think you will need atleast 2GB ram for 50 slots server (more = better) and up to 1GB for website (depends on website load and apache/mysql settings). And ofcourse not limited cpu power

LOL A website can run on 64 MB if you don’t need databases. And mine runs on like 100 MB and I’m on MySQL and I also run a lot of daemons that actually takes up some more.
I have 512 MB RAM on my VPS. It gets eaten up just like that. But you won’t really see any slowing effect.

Ohoh. I saw the words Burstable RAM. That means OpenVZ that means shit that means not good for game servers :open_mouth:

Nah I believe you could host 30 slots on that if it’s not full all the time and you reboot it now and then to clean the RAM. Linux/Windows? If Linux, VNC/SSH?
Windows takes up more RAM than Linux. VNC takes up more RAM than plain SSH.
And if you expect more than 20 players at once you should need a quite big processor :smiley: 8 GHz total should do.

100GB transfer will get used within five days on a ten slot server if it is full constantly.

I run several servers, two websites and a teamspeak server on my box. Two GMod servers are popular (Regularly over 15 players, rarely ever empty)



One player isn’t likely to use much.

Okay, thanks everybody!
I can choose one of these VPSes:

All servers contain: CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu. SolusVM.

Is this an acceptable price for a VPS? If so, which one should I choose?

EDIT: Tabs don’t work at Facepunch, so I changed the table to an image.
EDIT #2: ‘Hardeschijf’ means: ‘Harddisk’.

I personally use RackSRV. They offer you no burstable RAM and less HDD space but a good CPU and network in the UK.

The usage of network depends on which gamemode it is, some has very shitty networking coughfrettacough

Yea true that garry should fix.

Kiss your bandwidth away once you get an average of 10 players.
30GB, 512MB RAM, Unmetered 100/100Mbit, Windows for $20

And a linux server, again $20, but with 512MB of ram burstable to 1GB, 50GB space, same unmetered 100/100Mbit.

I had a seedbox at santrex once, did around 7MB/s down and up.