gmod deahtrun lua file/code for the secret grenades

if someone know’s what the lua file/code is for the secret grenade’s. then thank you :D. i only need the file to fix the grenade’s for gmod. if someone can send it. thx :smiley:

uhhh, what is it you’re looking for?

If it’s some weapon that’s in deathrun you want to use for another gamemode it should be in something like entities/weapons in deathrun’s folder. This is probably nowhere near the answer to your question.

Hey there, this forum is for general Garry’s Mod chat, not help with coding or dev work. Please make remake this thread in Developer Discussion. Alternatively, check out this newly posted Deathrun in the releases forum.

Although as a quick thing, what I think you’d want to do is download a swep pack that has a grenade in it, rename it to whatever the grenade entity on the map is called and place it in side deathrun/entities/entities.