Gmod Deathrun Scoreboard

**Hey Guys I need some help with the scoreboard in the DeathRun gamemode for my server. **

I already know how to change the Owners name, and how to change Admin and above. But I don’t know how to do separate colours for ranks!
e.g: Admin = Red
Super Admin= Green

It would be highly appreciated for a answer that works:pudge:

Edit: I also wanna know how to make new Admin Icons… I don’t know how:suicide:

Find in the code where the color is set for ranks and then add some if statements checking for the player’s rank and if its something like admin set the color to whatever you want it to be, like red.

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Yeah Thanks mate but I’ve actually tried that already but it doesn’t work.

If you have this done with your server could you send me a folder or script?

If you wanna send a folder then just ask me for my E-Mail.

This is how I did mine. So you can pick out of the code what you need:

Then I make the panel background change for that player based on rank:

You’ll have to tweak with it to color text. I forgot what the default Scoreboard looked like, and I haven’t looked at the original, but you’d use Rank_Colors[ply:GetNWString(“UserGroup”)] in place of the original rank name.

Thanks but where do I place the text?