GMod Deathrun

[h2]GMod Deathrun[/h2]
This gamemode aims to be more like the classic Deathrun servers of days gone by, surviving to the end of a course and defeating Death, but makes the experience alot more rewarding with some new features, and better overall gameplay.

In GMod Deathrun, there are 2 teams; the Runners, and Death. Players who are Runners must avoid Death’s traps throughout the map, and reach the end where they will fight Death. They start off with a melee weapon initially but can find other weapons in the map to beat Death.
Death on the other hand controls all the traps and must prevent the Runners from reaching them at all costs. They start off with a melee weapon but they too can pick up other weapons; their main weapon is the map itself.

The winning team is the one that eliminates all other players in the opposing team.


  • Supports mostly all Deathrun maps from various source games, from CS:S to HL2:DM.
  • Votemap system. After 10 rounds of the map have been played, players can vote for a map of their choice. Rounds last 5 minutes in favour of Death if the Runners can’t make it.
  • Auto-sprint system. You don’t have to hold down the sprint key anymore to run fast, allowing you to do movement alot more easily. Pressing the sprint key is basically walk now (for more control).
  • Players don’t collide with each other.
  • Shop and economy. Winning maps as the correct team will earn you money, as well as other actions such as killing Death or Runners; you can use this money to buy cosmetic accessories and other things such as titles, hats, trails, effects and custom models and new weapons (melee only, mainly cosmetic) for your character, so you can personalise them how you want. Players can also give money away to other players. More to come.
  • Custom chatbox. Currently allows the colour of the chatbox to be changed to anything the player wishes from buttons within the chatbox but more is to come. Also, voice emotes are in the server.
  • Revival system for runners. If one of your teammates dies from a trap, and isn’t on a trigger_hurt or other deathtrap they can be brought back to life. Doing this rewards you with shop money, and a bigger amount if you both survive to the end as well.

There are also many other fresh, new ideas that have been come up with, that change the way people would play Deathrun.


  • Achievements. Awarded for doing things such as winning the round as a Runner multiple times, or defeating the Runners as Death in a record time. Doing these would award you with money for the shop, as well as bragging rights and possibly unlocking more shop content.



[h2]We also host it![/h2]
I also have a website to keep track of the updates:
The Fish Bowl
…and host the gamemode.
The Fish Bowl | Deathrun [UK - FastDL!] -

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