GMod dedicated Server Bandwidth

OK well a quick question. Can someone point me to a table or give me a table saying the reccomended upload/download bandwidth speed for hosting a dedicated server?? I found one for CSS but I cant seem to find one for gmod.

How much do you think a 20 slot server needs for upload/download speed??? Thanks!

Post your download/upload speed first

What is the maxrate going to be on the server?.

Well I am on and i have to select a server to test the speed to. Waht would you suggest I do? Something is Europe probably?


I tested the connection to anchorage alaska and it came up with a download speed of: 1.42 Mb/s
And an upload speed of 2.19Mb/s.

(NOTE: I am doing this from my laptop which is about 100 feet from our router) Tthe server will, of course, be connected through an ethernet cable. 2 cables ctually since it has 2 ethernet ports.)

Oh and what is the maxrate again? the speed people can download any needed files from the server isnt it?

You pick the closest are to where you live on

1.42mb/s and 2.19mb/s aren’t really fast.

5.29 mb/s download
3.44 Mb/s upload

(remember i am wireless and far from the router right now)

Then doing a speed test is worthless, do it when you have it wired.