Gmod dedicated server (None workshop and fastdl)

Hi all sorry to be a pain.

I want to create a dedicated server for my son and have the mods download automaticaly from server.
Now some of the mods are not on the workshop.

I have looked at this fastdl thing and am trying to avoid it at the moment though I do have a server at my house with win 2012 on it and I think its capable of running a HTTP file server of it using my home network for no cost other than electric.

BUT I am sure about a year ago I could plonk extracted workshop mods into the servers addons folder and it would all work fine and upload models,sounds etc etc.

but doing that now I if I join it shows a ton of models,textures etc etc downloading on the clients screen but when i get onto Gmod and go to say SProps tab on the left I dont actually see the models,icons etc.

But I can select one place it down etc but its invisiable.

is there realy no other way now other then this fastdl or is this not the issue seeing as I can actually select a part from SProps,and place it on the floor or drop it and see an impact as such but cant actually see the model in game nor in the SProps part screen its just all blank.

Please help

Thanks :slight_smile:

Well I’ve been on this for about 8hrs lol and once I’m in gmod sprops parts are invisable.
Wiremod is working Ok etc etc not sure what’s going on :frowning:

F*CK this I give up LOL.

I am having issues after issues.

It shows on client that the models,textures etc are downloading but when im in game there invisable etc.

You can always take ALL your models, sounds, materials etc. etc. into 1 big (or a few smaller) files and upload them onto the workshop.

Did you add CSS?

Thank you so much you two for replying I swear 2 days trying to do this is driving me crazy and my son saying how long now,is it done etc etc.

I shall look at adding all the mods into one big one sounds like a good idea then just use steamworkshop downloads instead?.

Also did I add CC counterstrike?.
If so nope do I need to?

Thanks again realty appriciate the help this has been killing me the last 48hrs lol

Yes then you will download it from steam workshop.

And yes you should mount CS:S since thats basically all textures.

I don’t own It though.

I shall combine the mod files into one big one thank you


I know it is slow but is it possible to still force gmod to use the old server mod download thing


Hmm I’ve got a few mods eg

Etc etc I have extracted them from the. Gma format is it?

But is it even legal,allowed for me to pack them into one big mod and upload to workshop?

  1. It is 100% legal but do not put lua code into the 1 huge addon.

  2. You extract them from GMA and you should get a folder. Inside the folder you usually have LUA, Models, Materials and Sound. Take The folders named Models, Materials and Sound (its OK if one of the addons dont have e.g. sound) and put them in a folder. Then just read this; to upload it to the workshop.

  3. If your server is on your computer just follow this tutorial to add CSS to your server. If you are paying for your server from a host then CSS is mounted already (unless its a bad host).

Is it possible to use ftp// or does it HAVE to be HTTP?

There is no password for the ftp so it should have no issues logging in as such

I dont really understand what you mean by that. If you mean how do you connect to the FTP server download filezilla and just put in all the details required. Port is 21.

Sorry for being unclear

I mean I have an ftp server running and I have placed

Addons/models/etc etc
Addons/metirials/etc etc

And if I got to I can see all the correct files…basically I’m using my routers built in FTP server to hold the reqiuerd files to use for fastdl

is it possible to use an FTP server to host the mods 9r does it have to be HTTP.

So in the server.cfg can I not use

Sv.downloadurl ftp:// instead of HTTP://

Sorry I am on my phone at the moment so makes it hard to type

This should help you:

Thanksgiving again for the help and links.

So it seems to be strictly HTTP only shame.

I shell create a web host using Apache or some thing.

The tutorial u sent me did not mention any thing about having the create a resource.lua using fox’s resource tool.

Same logic applies though, you do the same things you would do you but you connect with a FTP client like winSCP or filezilla.

thing is I have an FTP client running and set up just seems silly we can’t use an FTP server and am forced to use HTTP.

I don’t have an HTTP server/web domain etc.

I know zero about web hosting lol.can I actually use Apache and run a basic web host from my home server.
Or do I still need to purchase a web domain as well?
I’m lost.

Thanks for helping though truly do appriciate it

I currently cant help you but i will tomorrow. Add me on steam: and upload all your addons from the server to mediafire or something like that and ill set up a FastDL or workshopDL for you.

Wow thank you so so much.
is it possible to host my own web server via Apache will Apache give me a unique HTTP address or do I have to purchase a domain no matter what I do?

Thanks again mate :slight_smile:

I dont know much about apache but yes you can host an apache webserver And you will use your IP (e.g in your web browser to go to the website. A domain ( is just masking your IP basically so you dont have to remember all the numbers.

Oh wow ok so I can make a live web domain using my wan IP eg


And use this in Apache?.

So basically all a web domain a kind of mask for hiding my wan IP or an easyer name to remember.
This is great news I shall have a go at Apache tomorrow and use my wan IP etc and give it a go.

I know u have offered to help.
I shall give it one more go but using Apache and create an HTTP domain using my wan IP.

Thanks so so much again :slight_smile: