GMod Dedicated Server Not Working

Greetings all!

I noticed that the description for this section of the forum emphasized that this is for problems with PLAYING GMod, but the forums over at Steam required me to wait for an admin to activate my account and I really don’t feel like waiting a month for a group of incompetent admins to activate my account (based on my experience with other forums that have the same policies) . There’s nothing wrong with preventing spam, but don’t punish those who are there for a legit reason. Apologies for the digressed rant. :slight_smile: So, on with the question at hand!

I’m trying host a dedicated server from my Windows Server 2008 (32-bit) machine and it works quite well. I used steamcmd to install it and I use the srcds.exe program to run the server. My friend, who is helping me manage the server wanted a number of his Steam Workshop files to be in the game. So, I followed this tutorial to get it to work: When I followed the instructions, I ran the server again and it took a while to load. He mentioned that this was normal. I noticed the server’s folder was increasing in size and this was expected because of the large amount of files. Then, the program would close and the server wouldn’t start. It left behind a number of dump files that end with “.mdmp”. These files can’t be read with a normal text editor, so hopefully someone can help me figure out what’s happening.

Here are the four that I have:

If someone can help me solve this, I’d greatly appreciate it! Apologies if I left out any important information, so feel free to ask whatever you need.

What kind of game-mode are you trying to run?
Maybe provide the link to your servers workshop collection.
Otherwise I would suggest removing an item from the collection then starting it up to see if it crashes and repeating until you find the cause.