Gmod Dedicated Server NPC Problem

Okay, for two days I’ve been working on downloading and copying all the necessary resources to run a GMOD server off my own system. This is my first time doing this, so there was a lot of trial and error involved. As of now, the server is in 99.5% working order, including custom forced download lists, a FastDL server, wire, phx, sb, and all available extra content from other source games.

The only thing I haven’t been able to figure out is ine thing. For some reason, whenever I spawn a humanoid hostile NPC, it decides to screw up horribly on me. I had the same problem earlier today with friendly humanoid NPCs, but copying certain files from the source GCFs fixed that. The problem is, whenever I spawn a hostile NPC, it usually does the wrong animations, including the arms-out anim, and fails to attack anything. Where would I find the files to fix that, and where would I copy them?

tl;dr: Hostile NPCs don’t work, how fix?

PS: They work fine in single player.

Bump, also with second issue. For some reason when I try to load certain CS:S servers into either the client or server, it crashes. I can provide more details if necessary.

EDIT: Dunno why, but they suddenly started working. Maybe it was because I verified CS:S… Ah, well.

Does nobody really have any clue how to fix this? It’d be nice if someone would respond at least.

Certain NPCs aren’t able to hold certain weapons. This probably isn’t a problem but try to make sure they’re holding a weapon with the proper animation supplied. It could even be possibly that the animations didn’t get copied over.

Yeah, if it is working fine for you in single player, then it has to be serversided. Animations are missing most likely.

Can you please tell me how you fixed the animations with those friendly humanoid NPCs? I’m having the same problem, they have very glitchy animations. T-poses, sliding around, reloading looking weird…

I forget where, but there was a thread saying you had to copy scripts and models from certain GCFs if you had all the HL2 games already installed. I know you need Half Life 2 Content, Source 2007 binaries, and there were a couple others…