Gmod Dedicated Server setup help

first things first, the search dont work for me and plz dont tell me to search on youtube and google (because i have and i couldnt find anything that helped)

hey, i downloaded a Gmod dedcated server following this tutorial

:Big Edit:

everything works now except i cant open ports

how do you open ports (i dont want to pay to open them)

There are lots of websites to find this out, and If you use the search bar, i think you can find alot of help.
Sorry for not helping, maybe i’ll help soon. Kinda busy now.

have you looked at the forum of,there is alot of info on that site about setting up and running a source dedicated server.

For your port forwarding problems,

And to add for addons and maps, there should be a “garrysmod” folder in the “orangebox” folder of your SRCDS folder, there you can add addons and maps regularly.

the port forward website really isn’t very helpful and i dont want to pay just to open ports. and for some reason i cant add maps to the dedicated server but i can add addons

ok… i done some stuff and all i need to do now is open ports, everything else is fine

Open your ports via your router.