Gmod dedicated server stops loading but is still not crashed?! I also tried setting up a new one ...

Hi facepunch,

I created a server months ago that worked. Now I updated it and it actually starts but then stops loading as usual … its just posting the “Network <ip-adress>, mode MP, dedicated Yes, ports <ports>”-message and then stops loading. Earlier on all I had to do was to run it with the usual parameters as -gamemode, -port, -console and so on.
Is there any new parameter that makes the round start or something like that? - because the server doesn’t crash it just doesn’t do anything.
The weird thing is that I am however still able to type commands and execute them (“gamemode base”, “gamemode terrortown”, …).
I have got addons and an steam API key but thats all fine and the problem is the same without them.
The server also does work when using the GUI but then it ignores my parameters and I want to use it fully automated.
So is there any (new) reason or command I have to add to make it start via the console?

Setting up a completely new server didn’t change anything, that’s why I suppose the problem isn’t an actual problem but a new command or a similar thing.


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May someone please delete this unnecessary topic … as always stupidity is the reason for all of my problems :stuck_out_tongue:
I compared the batch file a thousand of times to all examples I found on the Internet and usually I am not that stupid but I just forgot the %&$§%& -map command. And I spent three hours on trying to solve the problem … Is there any Admin who can close/delete this thread?