Gmod "defualt pack"

I’m not sure if this exists or not, but can someone make a pack that resets all the default stuff back. Not as in resetting Gmod, but making it so everything you accidentally replaced is restored to normal.

Example: Skins, Background, HL2 Weapons, Etc.

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Go to Steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod and rename your garrysmod folder to something else. When you launch the game, BAM, clean install.

I don’t want a clean install. I want to just reset a few things to defualt without having to reinstall all my addons and shit.

If you do the thing I suggested you can then just copy over the addons you want back from your old garrysmod folder

There are too many. I have an entire Gmod folder with about 519 zip files that I used for my current “garrysmod” folder plus all the ZS, deathrun, etc I’ve got from server download lists.

Why are you putting .zip files in your GMod folder

No, but if I reinstall Gmod I’ll have to re extract all of them.

What!? Just move your addons folder from your current gmod folder somewhere else. Then reinstall gmod. Then move the addons folder back. The Data folder holds your adv. dupes and expressions, so you should save that too.