Gmod - Delete ONE Object !

Hi everyone,

I’ll try to explain what’s my problem !

I’m using Gmod to Build Stargate Worlds and stuff about the famous Gate.

But, I’m a newbie with Gmod and I don’t know how to delete an Object among all the others.

Example :

I spawned 3 Boxes, 3 Dhd, 3 gates, 2 Ring Transporters, Many NPC’s, etc …( The list could be exhaustive ).

[ Just imagine they have been spawned in the order I wrote ]

I Decide to delete the Second DHD i spawned without UNDO all the following ADD i made.

How can I Pick THIS DHD apart to be delete without deleting the rest ?

Waitin’ for an answer …Thanks !

Just another Problem !

I Searched for it, but didn’t find a clue !

Why do I get my stargates unactive and bugging when i LOAD a Savegame ?

I have a Message that say something like : " Entities\Stargate_Atlantis\Dialing.lua Bla bla bla…A nil Value "
[ I have not the full message sorry ]

Is There a way to fix It ?

Thanks again !

remover tool

Okay i’ll search for it :slight_smile:

=> Found it , Thanks to you… !

Another answer about my second Problem please ?

Savegames haven’t worked properly in months.

  1. It’s called the Remover Tool. (YES I KNOW I’M LATE)
  2. Loading savegames doesn’t work all that well in Gmod. (I’m probably late with this as well)

Nop you were not late ! Thanks for your answers…I’ll Keep recreating my Stargates each time I reload the savegames…

( Can be Locked )

Whoever rated OP dumb doesn’t understand that everyone was a minge at some point

Except that the first thing I did was check out the tools.

I wasn’t.


Me too.


Or download Wiremod and get Advanced Duplicator. It lets you save stuff. Use SVN to get Wiremod. SVN Tutorial: