Gmod Destroys Background Pic Quallity?

Well basically I’ve tried putting in some custom backgrounds I made for gmod. The resolution is proper and all but it looks really crappy and blotchy and pixely when I play the game. What gives? Any help guys?

Its most likely you are running ista Basic…
It usually rapes colour quality and makes it automatically 32bit colours


the fix…
Get xp

Yeah, That’s the problem exactly

The problem…
I’m on XP

I’m not even going to address how wrong ^that^ is.

The real problem is that all source games save the f5 screenshots as jpegs.
The solution: “bind f4 screenshot” which will save the shot as a TGA file. That or turn up jpeg_quality to 100 and hope for the best.

eerh, the quallity is good when i view it and stuff, even if i download them off here, sorry but you’re wrong i tried the f4 thing anyway. it still makes everything 32 bit! :frowning:

Do you even know what you’re talking about? 64 bit images don’t exist. There is 32, 16, and 8 bit color possibilities. 32 bit is the highest quality thus far. (To my knowledge)


When you bound f4 to screenshot, did you press f4 to take the screenshot?