GMod - Disappearing brushes

Hello! I decided to decompile rp_downtown_v4c_v2 (the one most commonly used and known) and fix many small bugs I’ve found. However, whenever I compile the map (both edited and unedited, not 100% sure about the latter), brushes will disappear from certain distances in-game. Here’s a screenshot:

My two questions:

  1. Was this caused by the decompile? (I use BSPSource 1.3.13, if that helps)
  2. How can I fix this?


Yes, decompiles fuck up vertices and brushes all the time.

It’s probably your vis though.

I am quite sure it has to do with vis, yet I do not know how to fix it.

Type mat_leafvis 3 and check for unruly leaves.

Not entirely sure what you mean by ‘unruly’ leaves… though, I did check the map with that setting, and I discovered something.

Nearly all of the map’s windows have func_detail borders!

Perhaps the open spaces in some of the houses were because the mapper (not the original) ran into this issue, and circumvented it by leaving open spaces. They never used func_detail.

I added func_detail to the border of every window, and now it all works!


I have one more issue, and I decided to add onto this topic rather than make a new one.

When in-game, the map has VERY strange lighting. Screenshot:

The dark surfaces are not entirely black - I can illuminate them with a flashlight.

Vertex errors, remake the brushes.

I don’t know what brushes you are referring to.

By “remake”, I assume copying, deleting, and pasting would work?

Also, I ran a compile today, here’s the log if it helps: Link Expired

Whatever fgd you’re compiling with isn’t reading the materials, so it can’t compile lighting for those faces.

GMod seemed to abandon its .fgd file some time ago, so I’ve used Source Base 2013’s base.fgd.

The textures show up in Hammer (read below) as well as in-game.

EDIT: It turns out Garry moved the .fgd file to a different location. However, I have tried cstrike.fgd, halflife2.fgd, hl2mp.fgd, garrysmod.fgd, and sdk.fgd. None were able to load the textures properly.

The textures are from CSS. In order to see them in Hammer, I merged the cstrike/materials folder with garrysmod/materials.

I also noticed “Could not locate ‘GameData’ key…” among the errors. I looked in the gameinfo.txt file, and it indeed has no GameData key. Is that covered by Hammer’s Options, or is this a concern?

Turned out I just needed to use an edited version of gameinfo.txt. For all this time, I assumed Garry knew what he was doing when he updated it.