Gmod Display Help

Well, I want to disable everything HUD related on screen. I did cl_drawhud 0 and got rid of health and weapon selection, but I can’t seem to get rid of the death history that shows up of the top-right every time an NPC dies. Is there any way to remove it?

I’m sure you could if someone gave you a hack script/lua script, but sadly I have no idea about coding.

I think you get rid of them by doing cl_drawhud 0, but also having your camera out.

Nope. When i kill an npc it still shows up. I really need help on this. I see tons of machinimas without the death history but i have no idea how to get rid of it.

camera tool?

I think there’s a command that does this, but make sure you have it bound, or else you’ll have to restart GMod…

I think it’s:
v_drawgui 0

So bind:
"bind [ “v_drawgui 0"”
"bind ] “v_drawgui 1"”

I tried it. That command doesn’t exist. Man i am so mad. I just can’t find out how to get rid of it. Does ANYONE know how to get rid of it?

I think you mean v_drawvgui, but that doesn’t help


hud_deathnotice_time 0 I FOUND YOU!!!