Gmod does not properly download an extra map

Ok where to begin…
I have a Gmod dedicated server set up and working well with a fastDL which is definitely working.
My server is set with sv_allowupload and sv_allowdownload set to 0.

On my gmod client I can connect to the server perfectly on the map gm_construct_flatgrass_v6.bsp and if i rename the map to something else, it tries to download the map from the fast dl so it says “Downloading maps/gm_construct_flatgrass_v6.bsp.bz2” and I wait, then it gets to about 4 bars then jumps to half way and says “Downloading maps/gm_…v6.bsp” it says that for about a second then stops and comes up with “Missing map …”.

So then I tried it with a different map, I did the same thing renamed the client file and then joined the server it said “Downloading …bsp.bz2” and then finished and played on the server with the .bsp in the client maps folder, this seems a bid odd, the only possible reason I can think of it the file size, con-flat v6 compressed in the bz2 is 56.7 MB (59,523,023 bytes) but the other one that worked is only 9.60 MB (10,070,727 bytes)

There are no errors on the console and it seems to happen to everyone that joins the server so, yea.

bump I need this answer