GMod does nothing? on startup

i have been having this problem with steam that when i start GMod hl2.exe runs in the backround but no game. I end the proccess and try again until the game actually starts. When the game decides to actually start then it opens the GMod window as it where loading the menu, if i alt tab the game window freezes and wants me to end it. I tried having patience and left GMod open for an hour while i went out but when i got back it was still just doing nothing. I have no addons, i have tried reinstalling steam, i have tried redownloading GMod. halp?!?

My System specs are
AMD x6 1055T @ 2.8GHz
4GB CSX 1333 MHz RAM
GTX 260
Windows 7 64 Bit

For how long has this been happening? Any addons installed?

Also, could you please link your Facepunch account to your Steam account and post something like “HI FACEPUNCH” on it? Just to be sure that we ain’t helping a pirate.

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what my meerggee

I either get this happening and on the odd occasion gmod will start up and crash on the first loading screen and become unresponsive immediately i have no clue how to fix this damn issue.

done :

and if you read the first post a little better, then no i have no addons installed.
But yeah , its cat and mouse with steam untill the game actually starts then its just “frozen”

Well the not starting at all has been happening for a long time, but i have not played gmod for a while and maybe a week now since i tried starting it and this always happens.