Gmod doesn't download counter-strike content

Okay, just recently I deleted Counter-Strike to save some space in my Hard-drive so I could download TF2 and now I can’t play on Gmod servers because whenever I toggle the extensions thing for Counter-Strike, it won’t download the content. I’ve restarted Steam, Gmod and my computer many times and it still won’t work. Help?

Because you need counter strike installed to use counter strike content.

Isn’t it possible just to download the content instead of downloading the whole game?

That’s what I did with the other games.

The content is at least 95% of the game’s size so there’s no reason to do that.


It usually just takes me a few seconds to download the content and a few hours to download the entire game.

I’m going to reinstall Gmod then.

Reinstalling Gmod will do you nothing. Get CSS back. It doesn’t even take up that much room!

You need to have CS:S installed for it to work in Garry’s Mod

Actually, I have a 50 GB hard-drive due to a corruption on the factory’s side. I have yet to fix it.

you think you have it bad? Our computer only has 33 gigabytes, at most!

And funnily enough, I have almost the same problem. Did you buy Counter-Strike bundled with G-mod? If you launched the game first, and then G-mod, then uninstalled it, the source is gone. You’d probably have to at least re-download the source.

You will need Counter Strike: Source to be installed at all times to use resources from that game.

I think you seriously mis-understand how steam downloads work. You don’t download the ‘content’ in a few seconds. Steam allocates the space on your hard drive and creates a huge cache file to store the game’s content in. Then it downloads the game content, and can take a few hours, depending on connection speeds. As stated above, if you want to use the models, textures, and sounds (which make up a majority of the ‘content’ download) then you need to have the game installed.

I bet Niblic doesn’t know about the fact if you get a 1tb HDD on windows it says 9xxgb and that it’s not actually a factory fault.

I count that as a flame i suppose?

No I’m informing.


First, marketing staff are under the delusion that 1 TB == 1,000 GB (and 1 GB == 1,000MB, etc). This is wrong, as 1 TB == 1,024 GB (and so on down the line).

Also, after formatting, the user doesn’t have access to the entirety of the 1 MTB (marketing terabyte). The filesystem reserves a smallish chunk (let’s say about 2MB on the gig, though that’s probably wrong) for it’s own uses (keeping record of file names, etc). So, instead of getting the 1 TB the sticker promises, you get about 975 ish GB.

it pulls CSS content directly from the GCF i think.
you need to have the game in your computer and ran once after installing it in order for CSS stuff to work.

i think…

I have the Valve Complete Pack.

Well that wont help you unless you install counter strike source.