Gmod doesnt download

I have a problem with gmod downloading stuff on the loading screen.
When i am on the loading screen, it downloads an file ending with a .bz2
It downloads it but it cant download
Its stuck on there, there are no errors or anything, its just downloading it but it doesnt download.

How can i fix it?

im guessing multiplayer loading screen
.bz2 files are maps but with custom content inside of them.
some can be gigabytes big (few are though, most are above 50mb or so)
just wait for the map to finish downloading

.bz2 is a bzip compressed file. Valve based games (including mods like gmod) have native bz2 support to allow compression of content.

Either its a big file downloading, the server doesn’t have FastDL properly set up, or it is downloading but its a lot of content so it doesn’t look like its downloading.

Trust me its not. I have let a file download 7 hours straight.
its not a map, its a single 10 kb file.
the map didnt change.
Can someone tell me how to fix it?

Does anyone know how to fix it?

This Problem has occured to me for 6 months, can someone help me please?