GMOD doesn't startup/Freezes on loading screen

Pretty much the title. I’ve tried everything on this page. I already reinstalled hl2/other source games and confirmed that they work. Verify cache didn’t do anything either. Whenever I run 800x600, it is able to start up but it freezes on loading (The one with loading… in the bottom right). I run windows 7 64 bit, 4gb ram, Intel i3-2100 CPU, and Radeon 6870 HD.

you tried waiting for it for a few minutes?

Left it on for around 20 minutes to go eat, came back and it was still loading.

how many addons you have in your addons folder?
does it crash or just freezes?

No addons, it is a clean install. It freezes, I have to manually stop hl2.exe to close it

I’ve got the same issue.

This happened to me last week… until just now, it starts to crash itself!

I figured out that it was bitdefender causing the problem. Uninstalling it allowed gmod to launch.