Gmod doesnt work anymore


Since I played normally Deathrun (A Gamemode) my Gmod crashed. So I thought It was a normal crash and restartet Gmod, but then the menu freezes and I can’t press any bottons (Play Singleplayer etc.). I’ve tried everything, I reinstalled Gmod, cleaned the Gmod folder, but ist doesn’t help. :frowning:

Please help me


And my pc:

Nvidia Gforce 8800 GTX
2,9 Gb Ram
Windows Xp Professional
Intel Core 2 Duo 6600 2x2,40 Ghz

Delete the Gmod Folder.

I agree, your gcf files will replace it so you don’t need to reinstall.

Do you mean deleting the content.gcf or the Folder ? I have already deleted the folder.


I tried everything, even deleting the garrysmod_content.gcf, it doesn’t work


Reinstall Steam. That would be your next best bet!:wink: