Gmod Donation System

Hello… I need to start making income from my servers so I can buy and support my servers more. But unfortunately all of the donation systems available at the moment just execute console commands. Our VIP and money system does not have console commands to set things for security and generally because… We didn’t add some. So I need the donation system to go into the mysql database and edit some columns in some tables.

I will be able to set it up but I just need a system that does this. It has been 2 years since I worked on PHP and MySQL and have lost most of my skills in it.

Any help?

You can buy donation script on
I’d not recommend buying them off the scripts shop, but posting a job instead so you can get what you actually want.

I tried that… They just execute Console Commands.

Unless you give someone access to those commands, only operators/superadmins should be able to use them, so I’m not sure why you’re so worried.

You never know.

Also, I think it shouldn’t be hard to insert something into the database.

I’ve got a setup on my community which pretty much matches what you’re trying to do, feel free to add me on Steam and I’ll walk you through making something similar.

Why do all the coderhire ones work via submitting rcon commands? If so fuck that…

It’s not hard to make them add users to a database and then use a lua addon to load from the database.

I believe the main donation script on coderhire does update to an SQL server… So i’m sure what this is all about…

Using RCon to add people to a certain usergroup is slow and in most cases it can go wrong, if i.e. the server is offline or has a slight lagspike…

I know Dark E’s donations script allows you to run lua on donation. So for example when someone donates for VIP, print(“hello”) as a very simple example.

There’s still some vulnerability within Dark E’s donation script, for example, I can easily get the servers MySQL info (that includes passwords) and smack myself right in that database for le free lootz 'n ranks!

Not that I use this at all and I don’t condone hacking/cheating, it’s just possibilities that some coders don’t notice and/or it’s unfixable.

I didn’t notice something major in his lua side of the addon for getting sql passwords, although I did notice some of it’s a bit daft.