GMod download help

Can someone please download these files and send it to my email:

here are the downloads:

and this:

thanks very much. any help is appreciated

No, you pirate. Buy the game.

Thats not the answer I was looking for. If your gonna say something like that, you might as well not even write in this thread. -.-

Come on how obvious can you be? If you had Gmod you wouldn’t need someone to download this shit for you(And these downloads really are shit).

Now get out, you pirate. Buy the game.

Calm down. Im just asking nicely if someone can send it to me. Otherwise, I wouldve titled the thread “Am I a pirate?” so please just calm down, I really dont want to start a fight.

I notice you have not refuted our claims that you are a pirate. And why do we need to send it to you? You havn’t given us a legitimate reason to do it.

And to that I will answer with yes. I did pirate it and Gmod is not in my steam account so it wont let me download anything that has to do with gmod addons thats why I ask.

(User was permabanned for this post ("Warezing gmod" - PLing))


Hopefully the hammer won’t hurt too much, bitch :v:

Dude everybody pirates. Go to youtube and search how to get any program for free. They get thousands of people doing it. So please dont come up with that bullshit please

Sure, people do pirate, but only morons brag about it on the official forum of the product they pirated. :downs:

Brag?! How is admitting that I pirated in only one sentence considered bragging? idiot

And nobody is ever going to download addons for you except other pirates but they can’t actually download anything so you, my friend, are FUCKED.

Whatever, the point still stands, only a moron would pirate then proceed to alert the forum about it.
Can a mod just permban this fucker already?


Hell, a fast food meal runs you almost that much. Just buy the damn game.

All I asked was if someone could send me a model through my email. Yet you depend on mods just to twit out of this argument. I can keep on going against you dude, I can keep up with your game

Even though you won’t buy it.

Lol no. By “I can keep up your game” I meant that I can keep on with the argument.

What you probably are too fucktarded to know is, that warez is a permanently bannable offense. But I can’t expect someone who has to pirate a $10 game to understand any rules.

It was a joke on how you’ve pirated the game.