Gmod downloading a broken addon constantly, leaving gmod unable to start and it constantly fills up my ssd with garbage data

hi there
one day i was joining a friends game
and it randomly got stuck downloading some random broken addon that just refused to download
i exited gmod thinking it would fix the problem
and to my surprise it did absolutely nothing
its just repeatedly installing the same damn broken addon doing nothing and the launch button keeps flashing, saying “validating”
basically it keeps installing nothing and keeps filling my ssd with junk data in the process

any help?

Tell your friend to remove the addon from the download list, maybe?

bro the server stopped days ago
its doing the same thing over and over again

If you are not subscribed to the addon then it should not download unless you go to your friend’s server. I would advise you to check the game cache on Steam and remove all installed addons to get a clean start.

thats literally what i did and it did absolutely nothing
i even tried uninstalling and then installing the game again

As I can remember Garrys Mod stores local cache of server downloads somewhere in game directories so it starts pending downloads everytime upon connection. Try to find any cache folders and delete files inside (or move to another folder for backup).

so what i did was sort by date modified and delete everything that was created in the cache folder on that very day the problem occurred
i sorta had the same idea in mind but my dumbass kept looking for temp folders instead of cache folders cuz im big dumb
holy shit thank you


4 days huh
im fucked