Gmod downloads the same files over and over

When I’m connecting to the servers I usually administrate it keeps downloading all the materials (usually css guns or sound files like earthquake.mp3) and I connect and play like normal, thing is the stuff I’m downloading doesn’t even work, I look down the scope of an awl and I get pink and black checkers, this doesn’t bother me at all the thing that annoys me is that I have to download the files every fucking time. So my question is why is this happening it’s not done this ever I’ve owned gmod for over a year so why is it doing this now I have no new addons and it’s the same with any server I join always materials and sounds.

You need CS:S for the CS:S guns to work. :eng101:

And stuff downloaded from servers is usually deleted once you disconnect, so your folders don’t get too full.

It needs the original copy each time. The server does that so you have it all the time

I have cs:s, so what do I do to stop it downloading these files each time, it’s only started doing this in the last week

It’s serverside is it not?