GMod downloads


I was cleaning my Gmod addons file lately since i downloaded alot of unused crap. So i deleted everything (which I Regret) and now when i was trying to download back some of the stuff that i’ve really needed for most servers (like phx, drugz mod, and shit like that). But somehow… there wasn’t Wire SVN in the downloadeables in gmod downloads site. help? or meant to be?


Lol, ok… Judging by one post and the lack of understanding of what an svn is… I will not explain, but rather give you a link.

umm…no. (i know that svn means an up-to-date version of the last release…) and what i meant was when i download wiremod, it said “Wire SVN” in the downloads section. i clicked it, and there we go i had it.

Actually, SVN is a completely different method of downloading, you really should read the page the other poster linked. Most Wire downloads that do pop up on are illicitly taken from the SVN that the Wire team operate.

oh…then ok (i’ve just downloaded tortoiseSVN, so brb) =P