GMod Drinking Game

At the loading screen, take a shot each time it says “Bathing Father Grigori.” Tah dah!

Alternatively, take a shot each time you see someone with brackets or quotes in their name while playing multiplayer.

Take a shot for each DarkRP server you see on the server list.
Sure fire way to fuck your Liver over.

Take a shot every time you join a DarkRP server with little kids on it. One shot for each kid.

A shot every time you enter or exit noclip.

a shot every time you get shot

A shot every time the game crashes just when you finished building.

A shot for every LUA errpr.

A shot every time your contraption spazzes out and hits you in the face

A shot for each mingebag that joins the server.

a shot for every time you start gmod and load a map that doesnt work

A shot for seeing Garry.

A shot everytime you open the spawnmenu

A shot every time you’re shot.

A shot

A shot whenever your cool pose is almost ready and you accidently press the R button.

I’d be more sober than a recovered Alcoholic of 12 years.


Do a shot every time someone says shot in this thread.

Down the bottle if someone says the secret word. You know, rusty bullet holes.

A shot for each time you are about to dupe and the server crashes, or for each time you get a buffer overflow upon joining a server.