Gmod Drunk Combine Course

This is the drunk combine course, I had the idea when climbing a glass wall in a different map that I made for myself. Feel free to run around a play drunk combine with your friends on a server.

I wish to add that the second I had it put up the WARNING red thing appears above my file thing. Why? It has not been up for 10 seconds and it is there. Anyone have an idea why?
Please don’t let it discorage you to download this.

Please enjoy.

And please tell me some ideas for future maps like this if you enjoyed it.

Edit: Wow, really wish I was checking where I was posting :(.

Map is fine, but it’s blocky and fullbright, spice it up a little and add lights.


And the textures are horrendous, but then again, it’s not meant to be a BEAUTIFUL and detailed map, but then again. It would look nicer. I’m only judging by the pictures by the way. Can you PM me the .VMF or something?

As you indirectly pointed out yourself, its in the wrong section, when i get home i’ll try it out and see if its any good, and if that warning is just put up there for no reason at all.
Also, is this your first released map?

But it’s a map, if you want people to play it, it has to look pretty.

Not a problem, gonna do it now :slight_smile:


Well, yes and no. I used to map for a mod that isnt up anymore, it was called splat. Then again that didnt need much thought or hardcore mapping than so many maps I have seen