Gmod Dungeons

Hey, I was thinking about this for awhile and thought it would be a neat idea since I have yet to see something like this already made. It would be like a Diablo-Oblivion hybrid in which every time you load the “dungeon”, the loadout of it would be randomized. The game would also feature an experience track, so as you killed monsters you would gain “xp”, in which you could later use to purchase skills for your character.

>>When you start in the server you are given a class selection to choose from the following;

*A “Warrior” close combat only class using the, high HP, functions as a “tank”

*A “Rogue” can use a bow in addition to a small weapon, such as a dagger, also can sprint long distances

*A “Mage” spell-caster, can use ranged spell attacks as well as the ability to heal the party.

*A “Necromancer” can spawn NPCs to fight alongside the character. Limited spell power.

>>After you have chosen the class, you start off in a “Town” area, here you can purchase your starter equipment for the dungeon.

After you made you purchases, you would enter the dungeon, advancing through killing monsters, looking for loot, etc

After this you can go back to town and purchase stronger equipment, and also advance to tougher dungeons.

>>I have no idea if the map generator would work, but I have seen people make the craziest things on gmod, so hell, maybe it would work.

If someone is willing wip up something similar to my ideas, that would rock.

3D runescape you say? This is probably the closest you’ll get to what you requested.