[GMOD]Editing a map.

Hi. once i have converted a map i wanna edit, into a VMF file.
i put it into hammer, make my edit’s.
But when i try to do the ( F9 ) Compile thing, it says - Material not found
does anyone know how to fix this?

Does the map you’re trying to edit contain custom materials? If so, you’re gonna need to have them in your garrysmod/garrysmod/materials directory. Something like that.
Should give you insight until someone with better knowledge responds.
Best of luck :slight_smile:

If i use the gmad extractor, it shows there is no material’s in the map. it just gives me the map.

once you have extracted te bsp from the .gma you then have to use a decompilier to convert the bsp to a .vmf when decompiling you can set the decompilier to extract textures to a folder for you then you place them in you gmod materials folder

im using BSPSource, and it doesent seem to have it

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Nvm i found out the problem thanks :wink:

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its actually giving me an new error: Loading c:\users\Name\onedrive\dokumenter\materials\rp_stardestroyer_b4_d.bsp
Error opening c:\users\Name\onedrive\dokumenter\materials\rp_stardestroyer_b4_d.bsp

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i just dont get it ;/

Did it extract any custom materials from the .vmf?

Like what do you mean, when i did the compile it did say it extracted alot of materials, but still giving me some erros.

when you decompile the .bsp you will have a .vmf with the name of the map with _d on the end and a folder with the name of the map :slight_smile: what program is giving you errors ??

Im using BSP source

Extract the materials from the BSP using Pakrat.

I will try that

If bspscr don’t extract all the materials then the mapper didn’t include all of them for a reason , maybe they are part of a texture pack you can dl from the workshop or are included in a game like css which you might have to mount, but once you got your .vmf use Gmod’s hammer to load it :slight_smile:

Don’t decompile, just ask the author if he’s okay with that and if you can get the original vmf.

Eh what about if the mappers deserted steam, and they said it was ok. Then can we decompile xD???

If you get the orginal .vmf all the better theres not likely to be any errors with the brushes but if you have to decompile not only do you make your edits but you have to fix errors created from the decompile proccess

That depends on how old the map is, alot of old maps you will never find the author of as there wasn’t really a place to go apart from Gmod.org which has now be re-done and all content re-uploaded without any credit to old authors.