Gmod Educational Server, For all your learning needs...

Sure I’ll help some people.

That’s not a bad idea :slight_smile:
You should help people with Wiremod

I hate when minges ask me to teach them how to make a turret when they don’t know any Wire at all

Support for Wiremod will come as we learn it ourselves :D, unfortunately, the best i can do with Wiremod currently is make a music player.

I can only make a frisbie and a car with wire mod. With a few gates and things. Can show them how it works/what each Gate does breifly.

I’ll do it, i can also teach wire basics.

Damn good idea. I may be able to teach something. I could get them to make an airplane that they can fly, or boats. Boats are hard to make, I just got the good technique down.

Well, if you can find a bouyancy changer, boats aren’t too hard to make.

Wow that’s such a good idea!

It really could be useful for less experienced users like myself!

Thanks for this. Once I get my Half Life 2 password back, I’ll get on it.

Thanks for all the replies in the past day, if people who are serious could contact me or Jamie Sharpe via Pm, we can talk more on how you could help this.

If you happen to be in the situation that you don’t understand a tool, or no matter how much you try, your construction doesn’t seem to work right, please do pop by the server, and ask, we will try and help you in any way we can :D.


You’d have thought, with all the people asking for help with gmod, that this thread would be more popular…

The 2nd time of the server will be up tomorow! Please come and join to learn, teach, even just to give examples of how things can be done. We will be more than welcome!

The server IP is still the same! Join it during the times said.

Hope I see you.

Wait, the server is down right now?


The minges are only annoying right now, what if they learn to create these things. Image a world where minges can fly uber planes of death… at least you can run from the saw blades and explosive barrels.

I don’t know about you, but I want my minge as far away as possible from Wire mod.

When they learn things and start seeing that it’s more fun to do fun stuff than to ruin other people’s fun, then they cease to be mingebags. That’s the whole point.

You have no idea.

I agree very much with this post, the worst thing we have done with the mingebag is told him/her to fuck off.

This might just seem as though you’re telling the inquisitive little bugger to go away, but you are making them mildly annoyed and sad to be pushed out, or literally kicked in some cases, out of the fun.

If we stop and show them, not only would they be nicer back, we wouldn’t need all these goddam prop protectors and admin scripts, because there’d be no new people that know nothing more than hate, which YOU taught them by kicking and banning them.

Go Go teaching server, it’s about dam time one of these came about

I am so glad i have found this thread, i have had no luck with Garry’s mod what so ever! I don’t know where all the files for mods and misc files are supposed to go, i put them in the mods folder but they don’t shop up, i can build things but when it comes to getting mods, extra items and so on i am clueless…at least i have managed to get the maps under control i guess.

Ill definitely be looking for this server, i might finally be able to get a grasp on things. Are you guys using version 9 or 10 is the question.

I hope there is no “How to be a MingeBag” class… like we don’t have enough…