Gmod Effects Tutorials Series

Hello there!
I started a new series of tutorials. It’s aimed at people who are just starting gmod, new into making machinmas or just want to know some more advanced uses of basic tools. Currently there are only a few, but I’ll update the page as I go. Feel free to post any suggestions, comments or questions.



On first one you can use rope to stop it. And put low value elastic between the prop and wall so it goes back

I never knew such a tool existed, will downlaod it.

Yeah i know, but i usualy overcomplicate stuff, and since ppl asked me how I did it in one fo my machinmas, I did the same thing =P.
The main thing is it works.

I’d like to know how some people can have the faceposer animate from one face to another on a ragdoll without doing it through stop motion. If my question makes sense…

They use stop-motion, just with a combination of green screen and/or smart video editing.

Check out my stop motions!
Great tutorials for anyone who wants to build contraptions and mess around. I’m more concerned with how you made the awesome intros before each film.

I’m surprised you didn’t add SmartSnap to the list of recommended tools. It’s extremely useful.

Yea, it kinda didn’t fit in the 2nd part,
prolly gonna do a part 3 after the “how to use numpad” tutorial (you’d figure ppl would know how to use that)
add phx 3, smartsnap and such

It’s all done in gmod…
I’m gonna cap the series with a tutorial on how to achieve the effect
And yea, they’re not very useful if you already know how to use the tools

It’s done in source SDK faceposer, i don’t have much experience with that, but there are some cool tuts on how to do it

I’m pretty sure no collide multi was made by Spacetech

What is the video recorder you used?
If Fraps, How did you make it have high fps without lag?
I have almost the best NVidia Graphics Card out there and Quad processor with like 5 GB of ram and Fraps lags a lot.
I use Windows 7.

Half-size resolution.

30 fps.

Not only does it lag less, but it takes up less space and there isn’t much of a difference (except for resolution, but no one will really care).

Try this addon:

It adds over 800 unused props for half life 2 and works on ANY server whether it has this addon or not. Really useful for unique structures.

Explination for people who don’t believe me:
Since Gmod is a modification fo HL2, it comes with the HL2 props pre installed. This means you don’t need HL2 to run gmod. So, these props are from HL2 and therefore, come preinstalled in the game. They just aren’t in the normal spawnlist of “Useful Construction/Comic Props”, but they do work in any server.

I use full size recording, but at 1280x800px 30fps on win 7, intel dual core 2.10 ghz and nvidia 9600gt
when I wanna do a slow motion scene i set host_timeframe to 0.1

also, I run gmod in windowed mode if that means something


Looks awesome, gonna add it in the part 3

I use full size recording, run it in 1280x720 16:9 windowed, 30 FPS, Win 7, Amd Anthlon Quad Core 2.30 Ghz and GeForce GTX 295.

And it still lags… What is your settings in game and what version of Fraps do you use?

fraps registered, file version:
gmod highest settings
it could be your hdd
It’s better to have 2 hard disks in your computer so you have your game and windows running on one, and fraps records on the other one, makes the recording so much smoother

I can only have 1 hdd because my video card is blocking where I could hook up another one. Could it be because I only have 20GB left in my hdd?
My recording was running smooth on high settings without the HDR on and resolution 1280x800 windowed…
I’ll just get rid of some stuff on my hdd and see what happens.

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Ummm can you speak English?

He’s speaking Croatian, I completely understand him since I’m Croatian as well, no worries.
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