Gmod Engine Errors (And Supposedly Crashes Other)

Before you ask, yes, I have reinstalled Gmod.

I play and administrate a public DarkRP (RPwars to be specific) server, and through the last week or so I’ve noticed I’ve been receiving odd engine errors, sometimes at random, sometimes if I exit out of the game directly from the server, and even sometimes I receive the error when I’m trying to connect. Now as said before yes, I have reinstalled Garrys mod, but the crashes would still persist.

My PC specs currently are,

And the only addons I have are the one’s the server requires,
Kermites, Assmod, Durgzmod, DarkRP, PHX and Wire(Adv Dupe aswell).

Recently I’ve noticed that the crash has been happening to a couple other people, and the most recent case would be when I tried to ban someone through Assmod, it caused me to crash, but not only that, it caused everyone else around me to crash. This instance has the server Owner accusing me of having a conflict with my Steam which causes others to crash (I don’t see how that’s remotely possible through Gmod), and has accused me that I am the only one having this issue, and that I am the one that needs to care of it, when I have high doubts it’s me.

This happens in no other server for me, and doesn’t happen in single player, hell, it even happens when I attempt to disconnect from the server,

Personally, I have no fucking clue why it’s crashing, my PC is fine, I’ve reinstalled Gmod, and it seems that reinstalling Steam would be my only hope, but I have high doubts Steam has anything to do with it.