Gmod Engine Powered Speed Record

Took me 3 days of figuring and different designs but i finally Beat the engine powered speed record that Hunta/Grumpy Hitler set. - Record Run - Workings

Single Crank with 8 slapper arms. 2 slapper arms drive the Crank at the same time for more power. Gyroscopically timed using E2.

Its not by much i know but i still beat you grumpy :ninja:

Also i had a better video but after effects was being a bitch as usual did you do that,2. i have no idea about expression 2,so imma sceptic that you didnt use e2 motor did you get that cool hud indicator speedometer and last did a great job.GUINNES WORLD RECORD IN GMOD SPEED COMPETISHON.

thanks gabric. the hud is a custom one i downloaded off

also added a vid of the engine and some details on it in the OP

know what.imma not some great builder(actually i gonna learn about moar)but you made an BEAST man.ya dont need to thank me.

My engines can go up to 500 rpm, but whenever I try to make a chassis when unfrozen they completly fail

You don’t I understand with moar ya so imma not get any BEAST you. ya dont need to thank me.

top speed is dependent on wheel diameter

:science: Top speed depends only on the power of the motor and the resistive forces on the vehicle. At that speed it is putting out power F*v, which can be achieved at both a high RPM needing less torque (small wheels) or a low RPM needing more torque (large wheels).

Now it is true that motors will run best at a certain RPM, but this depends on the motor and changing wheel diameter can increase or decrease top speed depending on this.

This is of course assuming things work similarly to real life in Gmod in this context.

It doesn’t >_<

In rl larger wheels take more energy to power due to their mass distribution.

Its the whole spinning on a swing and sticking your legs out.

Gmod afaik a larger wheel at the same mass as a smaller one will just give you a higher speed.

I told Kustom (he is a m8) to put the other wheels on it and he lost 15mph.

Though in the end it doesn’t hugely matter because 80-85 mph seems to be as fast as you can possibly go on the wheels Zeos and I used, aslong as they have sufficient torque to maintain the 600 rpm with the weight of the vehicle on them

:science: Moment of inertia affects acceleration, not top speed.

I’ma shut up now. I’m probably preaching to the choir.

I’ve got a vid of it doing 91.48 Mph if you really need proof (u’d ahve to believe me about the 93.6) oh with an energy leak pass

bad spelling,i know. sry about that

A whole 9.48!? But can It fire whilst travelling at that barrier breaking speed?

Looks like drunkposting. Maybe he was wasted on Everclear.

You still haven’t broken the 100mph mark, keep trying.

lol dammit 91.48